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Why you need tagmanager?

Placing (universal) tags takes time and technical knowledge. With tagmanager it's fast and easy.

Tags slow down your website. With tagmanager the tags are loaded asynchronously and don't slow down the website.

You have no overview of where your tags are, it's a mess! With tagmanager you have a clear overview in the easy management module, and your tags put in containers.

Tagmanager in a nutshell

Web analytics can be a pain tags all over the code of your website. With tagmanager you can place your tags in your website without changing the html or script code of your webpage.

A single javascript tag has to be included on all pages and this will dynamically place all your tags on your page. Also containers can be filled with multiple tags which can be placed as a group. Handy for campaigns that last a certain period.

In the management module you can add tags to your page by url selection.Adding the url http://www.yourwebsite.nl/* will place the tag on all pages and the url http://www.yourwebsite.nl/section1/*.html will place the tag on all html pages under folder section1

What does tagmanager cost?

Tagmanager will be free to use, you can sign up for free soon.

If you need download a tag manager and run it on your own server a small contribution will be asked.

Tagmanager is currently under development and will be available soon.

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